05 April 2014

Another C-123 Agent Orange Exposure Story Published

In what is perhaps our twentieth news article dealing with C-123 Agent Orange exposures, the
Arizona Republic reporter Richard Wagner today detailed the VA's failure to acknowledge our claims, covering the recent Society of Toxicology conference in Phoenix.

There, C-123 veterans detailed the VA deceptions preventing us from VA medical care.

Wagner covered the C-123 veterans because there were local folks affected by the story, and because the injustice piled on them by the VA was credible and wrong. Wagner was contacted, the issue explained, and like other good journalists he checked into it himself and the result was extensive, state-wide coverage of the VA failures to treat our exposure claims properly.

News coverage brings us the results we need. We must get the word out to our community. It took one email, one phone call, and now thousands more citizens know of our problem...and so do the legislators who serve them!

Twenty articles. Instigated by one C-123 veteran.

Special skills required = zero

Effort required = give the paper a call, write a note asking for coverage (you can do this!)

Number of articles you've helped get published:__________?

What's holding you back:____________________________?

Call Wes Carter for help getting coverage in your local paper and TV broadcast area. The public will care about us but needs to know of the problem. We don't have a lot of time to waste, so let's focus on this, and on contacting our legislators!

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