20 April 2014

Jewish War Veterans Support C-123 Veterans!

Apologies! And thanks to our JWC brothers and sisters in arms.

Overlooked last year was the very kind and meaningful support offered by the Jewish War Veterans in their Congressional testimony. It is gratefully acknowledged, with apologies for not being aware of it until today, Easter Sunday, 2014.
In June 2013, JWV National Commander Sheldon Ohren issued the following statement calling on Congress to address C-123 exposure claims:
    Agent Orange remains a concern, as thousands of veterans exposed to the toxin are left behind when it comes to vital treatment and benefits. JWV remains committed to ensuring all veterans who served in areas of exposure receive recognition and treatment for conditions linked to Agent Orange. Time is running out for those veterans not designated as having “boots on the ground” during the Vietnam War. JWV urges VA to work with DoD to finally complete the list of exposure locations outside Vietnam, including the C-123 K transport aircraft, Thailand and other supporting areas of the Vietnam theater, as well as Korea.  
Jewish War Veterans

    JWV urges continued close scrutiny by the Institute of Medicine into Agent Orange, Gulf War illness and other concerns. When problems are identified, VA must act swiftly to ensure current compensation and treatment is based on the most recent scientific findings.

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