08 April 2014

How To GUARANTEE Denial of Any VA C-123 Agent Orange Exposure Disability Claim

Want your C-123 claim denied?
Easy – Apply.

Once you've applied, the VA  regional office will pull out their notes from the last Train The Champion session, and read that no C-123 exposures were possible. Ever. 

Because VA reinvented exposure the way VA wanted it...to prevent all exposure awards. "Exposure = contamination field + bioavailability."

Don't bother looking up VA's exposure definition.  You won't find in the glossary of terms used by other federal agencies or scientific societies. VA made it up for themselves, just within Veterans Health Administration, so that exposure to anything not immediately resulting in harm such as a burn or poisoning, will not qualify to be exposure.

Burn pits, radiation, dirty water, desert bugs, smoke, DU, nasty MREs, whatever the hazard is, VA says you weren't exposed.

Ever. So if you don't want your exposure disability claim denied, simply don't apply. If you do want your exposure disability claim approved...you'd best seek out your senators and congressional representative!

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