03 May 2014

C-123 Vets Urge VA to Recognize Blue Water Navy Agent Orange Exposures

Statement of Support:

The C-123 Veterans, ourselves embroiled in struggles with the VA which blocks our access to VA medical care, urge Congressional recognition of the Blue Water Navy Agent Orange exposure claims.

The Blue Water Navy (BWN) veterans were originally included in the general presumption of eligibility for service connection for Agent Orange-type illnesses, but were as a group unjustly removed from that presumptive eligibility classification by action of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Fortunately, those BWN vets already receiving service connection were "grandfathered" in their protections, and concern now is for sailors whose claims developed since that decision by Secretary Shinseki.

An outraged Congress and BWN supporters have urged the VA to rescind that discriminatory exclusion. Congress has been supportive with several attempts to pass H.R.543 — 113th Congress (2013-2014), "Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2013."

Others supporting the BWN claims are the American  Legion, Fleet Reserve Association, Military Coalition, VFW and Vietnam Veterans of America. For more details, please visit the BWN site.

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