01 May 2014

New TRICARE Nurse Advice Line Now Available

On Friday April 25th TRICARE’s new Nurse Advice Line (NAL) started service throughout the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. In March they began what they called a soft launch in six sites to make sure the system worked. The six sites were Military Treatment Facilities at NH Oak Harbor, NH Pensacola, GLWACH, Fox AHC, Seymour Johnson AFB and Whiteman AFB.

In 21 days they received 628. 137 were general health care questions while 501 calls were about an injury or illness. 60% of the call were about adults and 40% were for children.  95% of the callers said that were planning to go to an emergency call or urgent care before the call. After the call:
  • 29% of the callers were advised by the nurse to go to an emergency room or urgent care
  • 20% were given appointments at MTFs and
  • 51% decided they did not need to go to an emergency room urgent care or have a appointment made for them.

The NAL is 24/7 and toll free. If you are sick, hurt or just have a question all TRICARE beneficiaries can immediately speak to a trained medical professional by calling
1-800-TRICARE (874-2273) 
For more information please go to:

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