03 November 2014

CDC: Full HAZMAT Suits Should Have Been Used on C-123s Due to Agent Orange Contamination

It is official: CDC analyzed test results of C-123s previously flown for spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam, and issued the following conclusion to the Institute of Medicine on June 16. The IOM is reviewing C-123 veterans' Agent Orange exposures.

CDC wrote:
Above: CDC Report to VA/IOM, page 6
Above: AF inspectors at C-123 Quarantine Site, 2009. Wearing HAZMAT protection as 
specified by base safetyofficials. In 2014 CDC concluded full HAZMAT should have been required for 
crews flying and maintaining the C-123s between 1972-1982, however AF elected not to inform 
aircrews of lingering Agent Orange contamination or any safety precautions. (USAF Photo)

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