02 November 2014

CDC Report Proves C-123 Agent Orange Exposures (Post-Vietnam)

In June 2014 at the Institute of Medicine C-123 Exposure Hearings, the CDC presented its findings about C-123 veterans' Agent Orange exposures, and they pulled no punches! We were exposed, and our duty aboard the C-123s subjected us to a greatly increased risk of cancer and were also 182 times greater than military limits for dioxin exposure.

These government experts determined that our post-Vietnam aircrew and maintenance workers suffered significant, and harmful, Agent Orange exposures which were probably even higher when we flew the planes, than when the Air Force tested them years after the C-123s were mothballed.

VA has had this information from the CDC since 2012, but just refused to evaluate it. Reviewing the details, VA's Compensation and Pension Service simply dismissed the facts presented as irrelevant to our claims.

For nearly four years now, VA has dismissed everything which possibly argued that we'd been exposed, and even ignores its own regulations to block our claims.

How much proof does it take to reach the "as likely to as not" threshold of the law? Apparently, much, much more than VA should be asking! They ignore the CDC, NIH, EPA, dozens of scientists and physicians (the "Concerned Scientists and Physicians",) National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Toicology Program, US Public Health Service and even the DOD Joint Services Records Research Center.

The JSRRC report is considered "source DOD verification" of veterans' exposures – except with VA's treatment of C-123 claims. Our claims continue to be ordered denied by the VBA's Compensation and Pension Service, regardless of stacks of proof.

Below: Findings: CDC details proofs of C-123 veterans' Agent Orange exposures (from page 4, by Dr. T. Sinks)

CLICK HERE to read entire CDC C-123 Report

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  1. My husband worked on c123 btwn 1971 1973 at Eglin AFB Florida. He sick with AO diseases and so is my son who also has spina bifida. We uncovered a government study. A 15 year study for the DOD done by Alvin L. Young PhD on stateside bases and other locations. Google: The History of the US Department of Defense Programs for the testing, evaluation, and storage of tactical herbicides contract number DAAD19-02-D -0001 I hope this helps. If the DOD removed it I downloaded in my computer. My e mail address is ila.merrill@yahoo. com. Sincerely, Nita Merrill


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