04 November 2014

VA DELAYS – 1330 Days Since C-123 Veterans Sought Help

Too much time has passed.

We sought VA help one thousand three hundred and thirty days ago. VA refused that help then, as they do now. In the interum, we've supplied more proofs and findings to support our claims.

But in the interum, VA has opted to redefine "exposure" to prevent exposure claims, and to order ROs to deny C-123 veterans' claims. They even assure us dixoin hasn't been shown to be harmful. They even refuse input from the CDC, EPA, NIH, US Public Health Service, and dozens of concerned scientists and physicians.

Too much time has passed. And VA continues to work hard, through the offices of its Post Deployment Health Section in Veterans Health Administration, to insure none of our Agent Orange exposed veterans are permitted VA hospital care and other benefits.

The suffering and deaths from such action were perfectly predictable back when we first asked VA for help. They refused us care anyway.

They have fought us at every turn, even by hiring outside consultants at a cost of $600,000 to prepare monographs opposing our exposure proofs. VA allowed Dow and Monsanto to submit arguments against our veterans. VA staffers also drafted deceptive and error-laden correspondence for Secretary Shinseki to sign and submit to the Senate Veteans Affairs Committee.

1330 days. Intolerable.

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