30 May 2015

Board of Veterans Appeals Calls Reserve & Guard "Weekend Warriors" in Disability Appeals

Unacceptable prejudice!

In today's All Volunteer military I find it highly offensive that an official agency of the Department of Veterans Affairs refers to Reserve and Guard warriors as "weekend warriors," slurs used even in official citations, summaries of their appeals for service-connected illnesses and injuries.

(from a Reservist's BVA appeal, Citation Nr: 1243683, remanded for VARO errors)
The BVA web site's decisions go back to the early '90s. Below is just the first page of dozens, each showing that an administrative law judge (ALJ) considered the veteran appealing a claim to be worthy only of a "weekend" label, somehow less than an American warrior, and that had to affect the claim's outcome. Clearly an ALJ using this language needs to be challenged.

The law, VA rules and regulations should govern the outcome of a veteran's claim, not the ALJ's attitudes.

Every Reserve and Guardsman having a BVA appeal and receiving this disgusting treatment should appeal to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. They've received an injustice from the Department of Veterans Affairs and it shouldn't be tolerated.

I trust that NGAUS, ROA and all other military associations will challenge VA on this slur.
 ("weekend warrior")
www.va.gov/vetapp15/files1/1503497.txt [view]
hour weekend drills that each Reservist or National Guardsman must perform each year and is often referred to as "weekend warrior" training. These drills are deemed to be part-time training. 

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