05 May 2015

C-123 Veterans' FOIA Ignored For A YEAR

Washington is one amazing place. Often they get things done, and yet more often than that, somehow things get marvelously fouled up.

Here's a perfect example. One year ago we submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the VA for information about our C-123 issues. VA let out a $600,000 no-bid sole-source consulting contract in 2012 and the information about it was (and still is) important to us.

So the VA, for some reason, forwarded the FOIA to Headquarters US Air Force. Which sent it to Wright-Patterson AFB. Which, almost exactly one year after our inquiry, finally acknowledged us.

Amazing. Can you imagine what would happen if we ran aeromedical evacuation missions with this degree of excellence? At least, we can certainly trust that they're not trying to keep important health-related information from us. Right???

Note the date of the letter on the left, and the date of the request in the first sentence.

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