21 May 2015

Memorial Day 2015 for C-123 Veterans and Our Families

Our family honors and mourns Brigadier General John W. Carter, Captain John Carter Jr, Chief Warrant Officer Henry Carter Sr, Lieutenant Colonel Jessie W. Britt, Master Sergeant George Gadbois, Specialist Walter Rogers, Major Cliff Turcotte, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Bailey, Master Sergeant Robert Boyd, Brigadier General Mike Walker, Acting Sergeant John Carne Sr, Major John Carne Jr, Colonel Warner Jones, Airman Maleine Adams, LtCol Pam Cluwe, Colonel Lou Pascovitz, Sergeant First Class Willy Chiquina, Lieutenant Colonel Tim Olmsted, Master Sergeant Mike Lieb, Master Sergeant William Schindler and Senior Master Sergeant Ed Galvin.
 I felt like this little fellow when I was handed my father's flag.

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