23 September 2011

AFRC & VA Schedule Teleconference About C-123 Crews & Agent Orange

Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 1:32 PM
Subject: Teleconference scheduled re: AFRC/CC & VA - C-123K & Agent Orange

Today I was informed by an aide to the commander, Air Force Reserve
Command, that they have researched our Agent Orange situation and
essentially confirmed the situation as we've described it...no fault
has been found in any argument we have put forward about the planes
being contaminated or the fact that we should have been notified once
the contamination was known. They have had the results reviewed by
their JAG who also supports the claims we've made about our exposure
and the Air Force's failure to notify affected personnel. Next week,
they have a scheduled teleconference with VA officials to present our
case and seek some kind of solution. Two choices seem possible: first,
to declare the aircraft as Agent Orange exposure sites, or second, to
declare the units involved as a whole to be presumptively exposed. Of
course, there is also the possibility that the VA will stonewall
anything, but at least we have another advocate.

The Vietnam Veterans of America has (or will soon) submitted an appeal
to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs regarding us.

I believe this is the second-best piece of news to come our way, the
best piece being the various official documents we've uncovered. Let's
hope the Chief pushes hard for us...it sounds like we have another
strong advocate!


    Wes Carter, 74AES

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