14 September 2011

Overdue FOIA Responses

These agencies have each delayed over 45 days in responding to our FOIA requests for information about our Agent Orange exposure while serving on the C-123K/UC-123K Weapons System:

Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of the Secretary
Department of the Air Force, Office of the Secretary
Board of Veterans Appeals, Department of Veterans Affairs
Headquarters, Air Force Material Command
Air Force Security Assistance Center, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
Board of Correction of Air Force Records
Commander, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine
US Environmental Protection Agency

These individuals had presented to them proof their injustice (through bad act on part of AF regarding of withheld evidence) rendered LtCol Aaron Olmsted and have failed to involve themselves in assisting his survivors to correct his Board of Veterans Appeals ruling. That ruling was issued citing the absence of adequate proof of Aaron's Agent Orange exposure, but the proof had been withheld by the Air Force at the time of the BVA hearing:

Judge Stephen Cohn
BVA Attorney Stephen Reiss
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Director, Hartford Regional Veterans Affairs
Veterans Law Review, Board of Veterans Affairs
Chief Judge, Board of Veterans Affairs

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