19 September 2011

Connecticut Agent Orange Meeting with Sen. Blumenthal

From Bob Janicki 

Where: Rocky Hill Veterans Home and Hospital Auditorium           
When: Tuesday, September 27th from 9:30 to 11:30 
The event will begin with brief introductions and information sharing with the Veterans in attendance on what they will need to do. 
We will be instructing the Veterans to visit with any of the VSO representatives in attendance who will acquire the necessary contact information as well as the Veterans written Agent Orange related story. 
The Senator will be on hand from 10 A.M. to 11:30 to talk personally with the Veterans.  This will be an informal format for the Senator allowing him to talk one on one with the Veterans.  There will be no press present hopefully allowing the Veterans to share their stories with the Senator as he travels through the auditorium. 
The Senators' Veteran staff will work with each VSO to ensure that all submissions are followed up on. 
This is the first of these Town Hall meetings, others will be scheduled in the future. 
If you are involved with a VSO please get back to me and Michael Thomas Michael_Thomas@Blumenthal.Senate.gov if you plan on attending. 
We need to get some idea on how many VSO reps will be on hand 
Many thanks,

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