28 September 2011

What Agent Orange Looks Like - Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Sorry to be grim, but here is what dioxin does: soft tissue sarcoma, photo taken last month, with our friend's cancer also evidenced in many lung spots. He formerly was our squadron First Sergeant, and recently retired as he concluded an extended tour of Active Duty at Robins AFB, only to face these medical miseries. We're all praying for Gabby every morning at 7:30 with a world-wide prayer circle! God bless and keep him. (note: MSgt Gadbois passed away in January 2012)

We flew the C-123K/UC-123K. 
We flew the airplane Hill AFB's Public Affairs office decided not to tell us was contaminated with Agent Orange. 
We got sick.
They could have helped.
They didn't.

Gabby on the left, me in the center, on my return from Desert Storm

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