19 April 2013

C-123 Veterans Post YouTube Video - VA Defiance of Freedom of Information Act

In 2012 C-123 veterans submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain vital documents regarding the VA's treatment...shall we say mistreatment, of veteran's claims about Agent Orange exposure.

A full year later, and on 11 March 2013 VA's Assistant General Counsel "kindly" informed the veterans that no evidence exists. Nothing. No publications, research, emails, marginal notations, notes, correspondence, presentations..nothing exists within the Department of Veterans Affairs about C-123 Agent Orange exposure. Not even whatever the VA bases its refusal to honor veterans' claims for Agent Orange exposure, or why their Director of Veterans Compensation Service informed a veteran his Agent Orange claim is to be denied because Agent Orange is harmless.

We've complained, but FOIAs are commonly ignored or falsely responded to, and here's another one on the pile of dishonored requests. I guess obedience to the law is for those subject to the law, not for those responsible to administering it like the VA.

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