12 April 2013

Our newest video now onYouTube "VA Denies C-123 Agent Orange Exposure Claims"

Our fourth YouTube video in the series of C-123 Agent Orange exposure issues was just posted for your review - .simply click here for coverage on how the VA has obstructed valid claims for Agent Orange exposure.

The earlier videos were:
1.C-123 Veterans Agent Orange Exposure Report, Spring 2013 (a comprehensive overview)

2."Death of the Provider"...examination of the destruction of the entire surplus fleet of contaminated C-123 airplanes

3.C-123 Agent Orange; USAF Blocks Veteran Exposure Claims (steps taken by USAF to prevent veterans VA claims)

4.C-123: Bioavailability Used to Redefine Exposure & Deny Agent Orange Benefits (added 4/16/13)

5.C-123: VA trashes Freedom of Information Act

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