04 April 2013

New C-123 YouTube Video - "Death of the Provider" Spring 2013

Just uploaded today and ready for viewing, "Death of the Provider" addresses the dioxin contamination of the post-Vietnam War C-123 fleet. These aircraft were flown between 1972 and 1982, then retired to the Air Force desert boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB and mass-destroyed in 2010.

Initially, there were no worries about Agent Orange contamination. That changed when tests were completed in 1994 at the Air Force Museum and later, in 1997 on the boneyard's C-123s, and toxicologists deemed them "heavily contaminated" and "a danger to pubic health."

Eventually there was nothing to do but destroy them, as decontamination was impracticable, if it would work at all. EPA rules permitted the shredding of the airplanes into scraps the size of a cell phone, and the mess was all then smelted into aluminum ingots.

The newest video deals with the destruction of these airplanes and calls for action with Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA, illogically, pretends that service aboard the dioxin-contaminated C-123 somehow did not expose the veterans. Science says otherwise, and our struggle for service connection continues!

note: see our earlier YouTube video of an overall survey of the C-123 Agent Orange contamination issue. More videos follow, dealing with the Air Force Consultative Letter of 2011 and the VA's position denying service connection for Agent Orange exposure. An amazing saga of aviation history.

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