02 May 2013

C-123 VA Claims Approvals and Denials Needed!

C-123 Veterans and Survivors!

The two law firms helping us fight the VA's pretense that we are not entitled to Agent Orange benefits need to have copies of C-123 veterans' Agent Orange claims approvals and denials. So far, we only have a few copies of denied claims, and some overturned at Board of Veterans Appeals levels.

Please: if you have applied, been denied or been approved, WE NEED COPIES OF WHAT WAS DONE! The various reasons VA picks to deny claims, even only when the rating officer denies for meaningless reasons such as ruling all evidence unacceptable, is important as the attorneys helping our Association form our best approach.

While we obviously are moving forward on the lawsuit, we also need to develop a logical "cookie-cutter" package for our members to follow. This will insure as perfect as possible a claim put forward, with all evidence that we've gathered, with targeted rebuttals for what are the expected VA objections. This cannot be developed with any accuracy without YOUR denied or approved claims being provided.

We have a handful of widows who have also pressed survivors claims and I only have a couple of those - if you are a survivor, please do what's right and give us copies of your claims.

Delete your names and personal info if you wish, but get them scanned and emailed, or send snail mail copies to Wes at 2349 Nut Tree Lane, McMinnville OR 97128.

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