27 May 2013

Vital Records Available for Your VA Claims (Form 5s, flight records, etc)

The VA has insisted that in addition to any other objections and qualifications they may present regarding C-123 veterans' claims for Agent Orange exposure, we have to prove actual service aboard a known spray aircraft.

Many folks like those in the 74th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron saved only flight orders, none of which show tail numbers, only aircraft type, and we seldom signed off on Form 5s.

Thanks to certifiable hoarders Steve Caracker of the 74th with his set of flight orders, and John Riley of the 731st with his Form 5, we have the basis of a data collection now available...click for a spreadsheet of dates of AO flights (thus far...more will be added from other Form 5s) . John's Form 5s show dates on which C-123s he flew, and matching our fight orders with his 5 can provide a documented tail number for the VA. More and more will be added as others send in their papers as many have promised.

The next step is to blend in the names of people on flight orders to matched spray aircraft and dates so as to allow a printout of each individual's AO flights...volunteers??

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