06 May 2013

C-123 Veterans Excluded from Agent Orange Registry Exam effective 5 May 2013

This morning, VA's Deputy Director Post-Deployment Health, part of the VA's Office of Public Health, corrected our understanding regarding the Agent Orange Registry exam. C-123 veterans, unless otherwise qualified through Vietnam service, are not eligible for this screening examination.

Originally, the current  Jun 2 2012 Internet page specified eligibility for any veteran believing him/herself to have been exposed.  Recent interpretations of that page have added language denying coverage for dried Agent Orange and specifying only liquid Agent Orange, thus restricting us from eligibility. The new version reads:

"Other potential Agent Orange exposures
  • Veterans who may have been exposed to herbicides during a military operation or as a result of testing, transporting, or spraying herbicides for military purposes. Learn about herbicide tests and storage outside Vietnam. Agent Orange or Dioxin dried on surfaces does not present a significant threat to human health. Veterans are eligible if they were in the presence of liquid Agent Orange such as when Agent Orange was sprayed, tested or transported."
The language of the Internet page which now provides for us to be included will probably be updated to exclude us at some point to address this confusion. I don't know what the impact will be on any Agent Orange claims but the Registry exam was never a part of the disability application process so there should be none.

Thanks to the VA's Post-Deployment Health for detailing these important changes for us. 

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