06 August 2014

C-123 Veterans Agent Orange Exposure: August 2014 Update

The C-123 Veterans Association has updated its summary of our situation thus far, with the next major events being VA's redefinition of exposure through some sort of regulatory process, and the anticipated September Institute of Medicine C-123 report to Secretary McDonald. Included is an updated document list in chronological order and with hyperlinks.

The problem with the C-123 IOM report is that even if the investigators' findings support us, there is still a year or so for the Secretary to take any action. Then, claims will sit around on the VA regional office desks for a year or so, making any solution, however positive, years away.

We don't have those years. VA knows it. Which is why they stall. Every day's delay is money saved for Veterans Health Administration and Veterans Benefits Administration. Every claim denied is big money saved!

Policy rather than law makes for today's VA claims process.

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