03 August 2014

C-123 Vet's Recent Clinic Experience, Fort Collins CO

I'd sought an appointment at Fort Collins VA Clinic upon being discharged from the VA Palo Alto War Injuries and Illness Center, which recommended I see my primary care provider within two weeks.

I gave all the details to the telephone operator who finally called back eight days after two messages were left on their machine...I repeated the situation, my medical issues of cancer and heart disease plus the newly-found cervical and lumbar damage, and Palo Alto's recommendation to see my doc in a couple weeks. I was given an appointment three months out and told I was to be seen twice a year...although if I had a medical emergency I could be seen earlier. This didn't feel top-notch, and I told the scheduler I had the resources to be seen elsewhere more promptly.

VA Clinic, Fort Collins, CO
At last month's American Legion Town Hall meeting in Fort Collins, the VA folks had no trouble rescheduling me the following week..."what day, what time is most convenient?" I don't know why one attempt by me resulted in an unacceptable three month delay, and another with a VA clerk using a laptop at the American Legion was immediately satisfactory.

The appointment itself was perfect: I was quickly processed through the front desk, waited about five to ten minutes before I was called by my doctor himself, received thorough counseling and review of the Palo Alto information, and escorted to the door by him when our visit was over.

A disappointment: I asked to see the administrator but after ten minutes, was told she was at an urgent event in Greeley. I left my card but have not been called back. I wanted to relate the initial appointment difficulty, express my satisfaction with the care that day and the rescheduled date, and discuss an upcoming Vietnam Veterans of America Town Hall meeting.

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