10 August 2014

Corrections Gladly Accepted

My most recent post was improved when a scientist offered clarification. Thank you. Much of what this
blog and our web site address involves scientific information for which I try to draw inferences relevant to our C-123 issues. But as a layman, I don't have the background to make the right interpretation all the time, of course.

This is not a platform for debate, but I have tried to correct every error or misstatement that has been explained to me, or to defend a post when challenged and I think I'm right. I may not be friendly towards every perspective in this issue but within my ability everything here is as accurate and honest as possible.

I'll remind readers that most of the leaders in our C-123 Veterans Association are not affected by any VA changes we advocate. Most are like me... retired military and either Vietnam veterans or have other VA disabilities, meaning we as individuals aren't affected by VA recognition of C-123 exposure claims.

We're doing this for our crew mates who need the VA care and benefits appropriate for Agent Orange exposures.

PLEASE: corrections and suggestions gladly accepted.

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