19 August 2014

VA Ups Their Opposition – Claims Are Now Denied On VA & DOD "Specific Guidance"

The VA in Montana has shot down another C-123 veteran's claim. This vet, with more problems than I
want to type, received his claim denial in March and it has Compensation and Pension attitude all through it.

What is chilling is the justification for denying the Agent Orange-related illnesses of this former mechanic who worked on Patches:
"The VA and DOD have specifically provided guidance that such secondary exposure cannot be granted service connection, to include working on planes that carried or sprayed, or being stationed on vessels which transported the herbicide."
So much for empty assurances from the Secretary on down that each claim is considered on a case-by-case basis. They should have assured us instead, and more honestly, "each claim is denied on a case-by-case basis, regardless of justification."

How can they promise pro-veteran, non-adversarial claims processing? They ought to simply put a paragraph that C-123 veterans need not apply.

We have no idea where the DOD "specific guidance" comes from, unless it is the 2006 list Battelle and Al Young prepared for DOD.

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