26 January 2015

"Best Care Anywhere" - new book about VA health care & how it would work better for America

What the heck? Is this for real??

You just have to wonder...what amazing timing for a book about how the VA "turned itself around from scandals," published just as the Department of Veterans Affairs was running head-on into the Perfect Storm of 2014!

Part of patient care is getting that care to the patient. Locking the door to keep eligible veterans out doesn't satisfy anybody's definition of patient care. The veterans' primary battle with VA is not the care given by health professionals which is quite excellent, but trying to get into their hospitals, past the gate keepers who (mis)manage the claims system.

Some have asked why VA seems to lack the courage, the heart, the brains to avoid these scandals. Those scandals should not be permitted to taint everyone at VA.

Anyway, if you want it, here's the data from Amazon. To the author: planning an update??


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