08 January 2015

IOM Report Due January 9 at 11:00 Eastern

Tomorrow we'll know the recommendations made by the Institute of Medicine about our C-123 Agent Orange exposures. We hope for the best when IOM begins their briefing at 11:00 here in Washington, D.C.

A long and painful time has passed since we started our effort in the early spring of 2011, and so many kind people have done right by us.

Whatever IOM recommends, and whatever VA does with that recommendation, our thanks must be expressed for the hard work of the committee and the IOM staff, headed by Dr. Mary Paxton. Also, thanks to those many VA leaders who kept an open mind...and an open heart

Although we hope for the best, and the most comprehensive positive finding, realistically there can only be a compromise. Not on the science or the history of the C-123 exposure story, but on the consensus report selected as the format for this investigation.

Stay tuned: I'll post the IOM's conclusions as soon possible.

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