16 January 2015

First C-123 Claim Approved Since IOM Report (9 Jan 2015)


photo: Boston Globe

Great news today: Dick Matte, veteran of the 74th AES and resident of Chicopee, MA, received his VA disability award (via DRO decision) of 80% today! This is simply terrific and reflects well on VA acting to help our most seriously ill vets – ASAP!

Thanks, Boson VARO!
The award was for 80% service connected, not the full 100% requested but sill, wonderful news and the remaining 20%, if it is due him, will be sought via further appeals. Dick was represented by scholars from the Yale Law School Veterans Legal Clinic and supported at the hearing by Yale, Arch Battista and John Harris. What a team!

To all who helped, both in and out of government, THANK YOU!

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