31 January 2015

C-123 Veterans' Progress With VA Claims Thru 1/31/2015

C-123 Issues First Brought to VA Leadership– April 2011
C-123 Claims Honored by VA through 1/31/2015– ZERO, nadda, not a single one

Date All Scientific Information in Hand by VA to Award C-123 Exposure Claims – 2010

C-123 Veterans' Deaths Since 2008 – total is unknown but among others it includes:

BG Mike Walker
Col Warner Jones
MSgt George Gadbois
Maj Cliff Turcotte
MSgt Bill Schindler
MSgt Bill Gifford
MSgt Bob Boyd
MSgt Mike Lieb
Col Ed Paskowitz
Col Jim Gallin
SSgt Maleine Adams
LtCol Paul Bailey
MSgt Roy Menard
Col Ed Lincoln
LtCol Fred Fowler
MSgt Ron Ploof
LtCol Tim Olmsted
LtCol Betty Lalibrete
MSgt Ray Menard
Col Paul Hoffman
Col Jim Gallin
LtCol Bob Kirshling
TSgt S. Glenn

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