28 February 2015

Retired Military? Agent Orange Exposure May Qualify You for Combat Related Special Compensation

Many things have changed regarding military retirements and VA disability compensation, and how they relate. Agent Orange is considered a "weapon of war" and thus may affect one's eligibility for "Combat Related Special Compensation."

VA disability compensation is tax-free, of course, and most military retirees pay tax on retirement pay. Military disability retirement is also taxed, unless the veteran entered service before 1978.

Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) is a program that was created for disability and non-disabled military retirees with combat-related disabilities. It is a tax free entitlement that replaces retired pay that was waived to receive VA disability compensation for combat related disabilities.

Eligibility. To qualify for CRSC you must:
• be entitled to and/or receiving military retired pay or be a reservist that is at least 60 years old or retired under Temporary Early Retirement Authorization (TERA) AND
• be rated at least 10 percent by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs AND
• waive your VA pay from your retired pay AND
• file a CRSC application with your branch of service

To learn more about this, visit HERE.

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