03 February 2015

The Republican: C-123 Editorial 2/4/2015

The Republican again published an editorial demanding action on C-123 veterans' Agent Orange claims. Among these vets, of course, are aircrews, aeromedical folks, maintenance and aerial port....those with hands-on with the C-123s any time between 1972-1982.

We're grateful to the Republic for noting our plight and covering it with accuracy and compassion.

The press has done its job.

May we hope for similar concern and effective action from Massachusetts legislators on behalf of the C-123 veterans, most of whom live in the Commonwealth? Perhaps...something a bit more forceful than a simple letter sent to the VA so long ago? Perhaps a phone call to VHA to explain firmly that veterans need and deserve their care and benefits now, not months from now.

Current VA regulations already cover these veterans. All that's happened is science has informed the VA that C-123 veterans were exposed to Agent Orange, and VA's regulations describe the proper course of action and no new legislation, regulation or Federal Register comment are necessary.

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