02 February 2015

NASDVA Asked to Inform VSOs & Veterans About C-123 Developments

We again have asked the National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs to inform C-123 veterans and their survivors of developing eligibility news coming from the VA.

Over the four years of our effort to get VA itself to assist our veterans, NASDA has never responded to inquires or requests and we hope the recent IOM report and VA's reassuring comments since 9 Jan 2015 will help enlist their experts. Even earlier assistance from then-president Dr Linda Schwartz, Connecticut's Commissioner of Veterans Affairs, brought only silence.

We face a tremendous sea-change. VSOs, claims officers, attorneys, veterans themselves and all the web sites and printed literature will have to be inclusive of C-123 veterans' eligibility. Those details, once fleshed out by the VA, need to get in place immediately.
(1/31/2016: actually, we never heard a single word from NASDVA)

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