06 February 2015

Yale University Seeks C-123 Veterans To Discuss Agent Orange Claims – Westover, Pittsburgh & Rickenbacker

This is the veterans law clinic at Yale University and they want to hear from every single one of us who is a C-123 veteran, who did not serve in Vietnam, and who has or may have an Agent Orange illness. Yale's lead on the project to help us is Mr. Daniel Townsend at daniel.townsend@clinics.yale.edu

Now would be good. And it won't cost anybody anything. Its what they do. Help veterans expertly and for free. Pro bono, in Latin. I've worked my bottom off for four years to get C-123 veterans in this position and now I want you to do this for yourself and for all the rest of us. Aerial Port, AME, maintainers, Life Support and aircrew...get your name and telephone in to me. So far, only 30 names have been collected.

Yale Law = C-123 Veterans' Support - pro bono!
This is the agency which argued Dick Matte's claim (all their helping us is pro bono, of course) through the Boston VA Decision Review Officer and won that recent award. This is the superb law school which challenged VA head-on, explaining in great detail with their report how our Agent Orange exposures are covered under the law. These are the folks, under supervision of the dean of Yale's law school Michael Wishnie, who want hear from you.

Any questions just contact me.  Pilots LtCol John Harris and Col Arch Battista (he's also a retired attorney) and other Westover leaders have worked with these folks in the Dick Matte effort. Now we need your help on Yale's pro bono project involving all of us. Involving YOU!

Email them at daniel.townsend@clinics.yale.edu

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