20 January 2017

Needed: someone else to lead The C-123 Veterans Association

Friends, at this point I've become a reluctant conscript. It is been six long years at a time in my life when I'd rather have done other things but this work needed to come first. Six years, however, is plenty long enough.

Isn't there someone who could find the time to take on these modest duties? Most of the legwork and the foundation building has been done so we are left with ongoing chores of helping one another and the remaining objective of retroactive compensation. That I will continue working on thru this year if agreeable but I'm glad to pass it to others as they'd like.

Ideally, one of our C-123 veteran brothers or sisters would like to help run things but I'm certainly open to any veteran of any era who would like to serve our folks and others in the veteran community. How about you folks from Pittsburgh or Richenbacher taking a turn at the helm (sorry, stick?) Flight nurses, maintainers, navs, loads, life support??

the last bag drag
You might've noticed that we're very informal, lacking secret handshakes, membership cards, dues or anything else hinting of organization. This is strictly a volunteer opportunity where you pretty much do what you want to be as useful and helpful as possible, but only as your own time, talents and interests (and budget) permit.

I can't begin to describe the immense satisfaction in what we've done together but it is my hope within six months to celebrate by passing along the chairmanship of our association. If you can help us by leading us for however long you feel possible, please step forward!

Finally, I have some medical issues and this is becoming painfully burdensome to carry on much longer.

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