21 January 2017

Some Checks Just Showed Up! Thanks!

Thank you! We've had support the last several days to help with the expenses of our work in our association. Checks have come in from folks I've never met but who are our comrades in Idaho, Georgia, Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio and elsewhere. The widow of one of our maintainers sent in $10: that might not sound much but it is a lot too many of us and it covers a full day using the metro in Washington when I'm working there. Earlier, checks came in from a DAV post and a Vietnam Veterans of America chapter. Altogether that covers my week working in DC earlier this month.

Shoulders at the wheel now include flight nurses, pilots, navs, loads and maintainers... and a couple MSC officers. All of is appreciated! I understand John Harris (aka "Big John") wrote a few emails – many thanks, John.

More checks are welcome..if you care to help. There are at least two trips remaining to DC to work on our retroactivity issue and to help VA address ethical failures that we've pointed out and (amazing!) that they're willing to discuss. If all goes well, we will have even more trips as we pursue issues about our claims up to the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

Address: 1233 Town Center Drive, Fort Collins CO 80524

I promise I will spend every dime carefully, and I also promise I will spend more than is sent because there is so much we can do!

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