15 January 2017

To Secretary Bob McDonald: Sir, thank you for your service and Godspeed

From: Wes Carter [mailto:c123kcancer@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2017 3:17 PM
To: McDonald, Bob
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Thank You for your service (personal)

Dear Mr. Secretary,
Please accept the deep thanks of the men and women I represent in the C-123 Veterans Association for your dedicated service leading the Department of Veterans Affairs and serving on President Obama's cabinet.

Yours was such a tremendously important, difficult and thankless job. From the shape the department was in when you took it over, you knew there was no possibility of concluding your service free of intense criticism. You took on the mission anyway to serve veterans like me as best you could... and that was excellent service indeed.

Your mark is firmly on the Department of Veterans Affairs. The staff and the veterans the department serves owe you our thanks for the many accomplishments,  which must also bring you great satisfaction. In particular, Camp Lejeune looks like it's resolved and so are our C-123 vets.

Our only disappointment with Bob McDonald will be next Monday when you're not at your desk where we need you..

Thank you and God bless you and Mrs. McDonald.

Wes and Joan Carter

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