24 January 2017

Thanks for checks received! Address here is 1233 Town Center Drive, Fort Collins CO 80524

Several checks arrived from our veterans over the past couple days and I thank you all very much. If others also care to send anything here is the address:
C-123 Veterans Association
1233 Town Center Drive, Fort Collins CO 80524. Visitors welcome anytime–gets lonely out here on the Front Range!

We now have enough to cover most of the next trip to DC so checks coming from this point on go for the following effort which should be late spring early summer. Because almost all our money goes for travel if you'd rather (or can only) provide frequent flyer miles or something like that it's just as good as cash for what we need.

If you'd rather put a ticket or a hotel on your own credit card for accountability or your own preference, that's perfect as well.

I would very much appreciate the company of one of our other veterans for the next trip to Washington. It's a little more effective with two folks working the Senate and the House offices. I will even treat for lunch at the Senate dining room where you can enjoy their famous bean soup.

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