20 February 2013

C-123 Veterans' Agent Orange Documents Submitted to JSRRC

After finally getting email addresses straightened out, we submitted a PDF collection of AF, GSA, EPA, NIH and other government documents establishing the contamination of the C-123 fleet and our exposure while serving between 1972-1982.

VA does not contest the contamination but dismisses the possibility of our exposure. Only the VA has that perspective...it is disputed by the CDC, NIH, EPA, DOD and other alphabet agencies which say aircrews, maintenance and aerial port veterans were indeed exposed to military herbicides and are, therefore, eligible for Agent Orange exposure benefits.

The Joint Services Records Research Center in Alexandria VA plays a role in this. The VA asks JSRRC to verify a veteran's exposure to Agent Orange, or at least, to validate the facts surrounding the veteran's service and possibility of exposure. Thus far JSRRC has told VA no records exist to support C-123 veterans' claims...and thank goodness, their director has invited us to submit those very documents.

He even promises to immediately advise the VA in situations where JSRRC has information to correct earlier responses to the VA. We meet with their chief on February 27, 2013 to review the situation...stay tuned for this important activity!

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