21 February 2013

VA oncologist confirms C-123 dioxin "likely" cause of veteran's prostate cancer

Today I received an official opinion on VA letterhead from my VA urology oncologist confirming in the words the VA itself hoped never to hear..."It is my opinion, based on the facts presented, your prostate cancer condition is likely related to (your) exposure to Agent Orange during your service." Thanks, Doctor! That's what I've been telling the VA myself!

What effect will this have on claims like mine? Probably it will be dismissed initially by the VA for some reason even though this physician is the Portland VA hospital director of urology oncology. But once the BVA has a chance to consider when my widow pursues our service connection claim before their more exact and less reactionary forum, it will yet another proof to be weighed in my favor.

Also received today a letter from my orthopedic surgeon in which my avascular necrosis in both hips is found to be likely caused by my C-123 Agent Orange exposure. That doctor, however, was far more "evasive" and wouldn't phrase the issue any more strongly so the VA might not weigh it too heavily.

I asked...but in both instances the doctors were uncomfortable writing letters addressing us as a body of veterans, and both instead would only comment on my case. However, I'm glad to copy anyone interested in the letters themselves.

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