13 February 2013

Ever Tried to Call the VA? Fuhgeddaboudit!

I have tried for two weeks, and never got through. Regardless, day or night, I get the "we're ever so grateful you called, your call is important to us, goodbye" recording to brush me off. Emails to IRIS have been unanswered for months...in fact, I don't believe I've ever had a response.

The 800 number used to give a veteran the option of setting up an appointment for a return call, and now they don't bother with that, either.


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  1. Finally got through by trying a call at about 6AM (Pacific). The call didn't go through but the phone computer offered me a call-back, so I entered my phone number and sure enough, the VA telephone specialist got back to me within 20 minutes.

    I had a list of six question ready to ask. It turns out my claim has been denied but sitting for the last eight months in some sort of appeal review section...perhaps, a section which reconsiders denials. I also asked how to help an elderly church friend advance his claim, how to apply for SMC and some other concerns. The operator was skillful, although not prepared to discuss how I could better address the VA's denial of "exposure." I simply asked what I could do and she said just submit the evidence. Finally, I asked if sending in evidence (over 80 documents so far) was delaying things and she said yes...the RO has to reevaluate the claim every time. I should stop sending in stuff!!!


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