23 February 2013


Their Agent Orange booklet makes the claim "VA CARES."  They even broaden their scope to "and other Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange."

Well, that would be us, veterans exposed outside Vietnam because of our service aboard the contaminated C-123 transports during the years 1972-1982.

But no. I haven't met a single man or woman with the VA who cares about us, other than those giving us hands-on clinical care. Outside the wonderful staff in the hospitals and clinics, no care shown.

They are not like us.

Nice people? Probably...in fact, VA people are certainly very nice folks. But they are not like us. We were exposed to Agent Orange, not them. We proved our exposure, and in spades! They don't care. They know all they have to do is wait us out a few more years. And for some of us C-123 veterans, so very few years.

Waiting for an Air Force to die?

(ps...wrong airplane - a C-123 should be the one in silhouette, not that C-130B)

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