22 December 2013

Colonel Jim Gallin Has Passed

Retired Air Force Colonel Jim Gallin passed away in Florida last week. His friends and colleages will long remember his outstanding service to the Nation. Jim's flying career spanned the range of AC-47s to B-52s, both of which he flew in the Vietnam War, the B-52 during Operation Linebacker.

Jim put his Master's degree to good work as the plant manager for Digital Computer for several years. At Westover with the Air Force Reserve, his duties included 337th TAS squadron commander, and 439th MAW Wing Vice Commander. Activated for Somalia, he served during that operation as Air Operations Commander. He was proud of his membership in the Order of Dadelions.

Jim was perhaps also proud of his outstanding service flying C-123Ks in Panama when the 337th pulled southern rotation. There he became known by various monikers for which no explanation will be offered here, and for his ability to run down the runway catching up with aircraft daring to leave without him...he was, after all, the aircraft commander. Jim was also appreciated by the AME, especially Suzy Harris who was able to bandage him all up as her simulated patient in a moment of particular Gallin weakness.

Jim Gallin: dedicated officer, outstanding military aviator, firm friend. Happy trails and God Bless, Jim!

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