20 December 2013

Nat'l Veterans Legal Services Project Guidance on Maximizing Claim Awards

CLICK for the NVLSP has an excellent guide for understanding common VA errors in assigning percentages of disability, offered here for your review.

NEVER...never think that your efforts to receive the VA disability rating for your injuries or illnesses is inappropriate or self-serving! The Nation wants its veterans' needs addressed and wants each veteran to accept the benefits as earned!

Remember, there are "magic" numbers in the VA percentages, quite apart from the financial element:

1. 20% entitles a veteran to rehabilitation training/education
2. 50% provides the full range of VA medical benefits other than dental (unless service-connected also for dental issues)
3. 100% brings the full range of VA medical benefits, including vision and dental

Also, we sometimes forget that an award of disability for Agent Orange exposure is particularly important to military retirees. This is because AO is considered an Instrumentality of War, qualifying a retiree for Combat Related Special Compensation.

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