20 December 2013

Pro Bono Legal Representation Available for C-123 Agent Orange Claims

Don't do it on your own! This is a minefield of traps and disappointments, and there are professionals ready to help veterans prepare and manage disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The various service organizations such as VFW, DAV, American Legion and Vietnam Veterans of America are chartered by Congress and offer VA-trained service officers to help any honorably discharged veteran – no membership required and services are both expert and free.

Another resource are America's law firms. Some expert firms specialize in veterans law and represent claims at the various levels of appeal, and for a regulated fee usually about 20% of the award for back-compensation. Many law firms and legal organizations also offer pro bono representation, leaving the veteran responsible only for nominal expenses. Click for a directory of pro bono resources.

Check them out...but don't do a claim on your own!

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