10 December 2013

Law Firm Features C-123 Agent Orange in their Pro Bono Service to Veterans

The highly-respected law firm of Nixon Peabody (NP) prides itself on their 600 attorneys' outstanding record of veterans law pro bono representation.

In the last year, 73 of their attorneys and 20 paralegals dedicated over 1,400 hours assisting 37 veterans and veterans organizations. Other firms usually don't come close to NP's distinguished record of over 4% of their billable hours providing pro bono services!

NP's brochure tells it all, but we're especially pleased with their section covering the C-123 issues. The firm has earlier successfully represented an Air Force veteran gaining VA service connection for maintenance duties aboard former Agent Orange spray C-123Ks. Good work, Nixon-Peabody!!

from their Pro Bono – Time Well Spent brochure:
–Al [Jordan, retired partner] and Boston partner Greg Deschenes are currently working on a case involving the exposure of aircrews to Agent Orange when long after the war they were assigned to fly inadequately de-contaminated aircraft that had been used to spray Agent Orange in Vietnam.
NP Partner Greg Deschenes
Why is assistance from Nixon Peabody especially significant? Because they are the principal law firm addressing the Camp Lejeune water contamination issue...NP "gets" toxicological issues! NP knows how to address ATSDR and EPA input and get results for their veterans!

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