19 December 2013

Veterans Law Firm Reaches Out to C-123 Veterans – offers toxins expertise

The Newburgh NY-based firm of Finkelstein & Partners has offered representation to C-123 veterans seeking help with VA exposure disability claims. Offering a national presence, the firm features their Veterans Services Group which has successfully dealt with exposure issues and complex issues veterans face in disability claims.

Many of Westover's C-123 veterans are from Eastern New York and Western Mass, and will find representation in Newburgh especially convenient.  Their firm has offices throughout New York and the country.

Their veterans practice team is headed by partner Nancy Morgan (an Army wife!) and interested veterans are invited to contact her associate, Christine Clemens at 1-800-634-1212 ext. 5112.

As with all veterans law firms, attorney fees are awarded only upon successful results, and based only on past money due a veteran, not potential or awarded future compensation.

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