30 March 2015

April begins, and still no action by VA on C-123 Agent Orange Exposures

Don't they know what's happening? Don't they know our men and women are refused proper care and benefits for want of reasonable, proper, lawful, necessary decisions?

Don't they care, or know there is a price paid by us for their inaction and attitudes? That price is in denied medical care somehow sought elsewhere, in denied state benefits for us and our families, and in denied financial compensation for our line-of-duty illnesses.

Reasons? Maybe they don't care. Maybe they're too busy. Maybe hardliners in Post Deployment Health and in the Compensation and Pension Agent Orange Dsek are pushing back, still determined to deny 100% of all claims "on a case by case basis." Maybe because every month, every day VA postpones action on these claims is money saved, appointment lists kept shorter, and claims denied and off the backlog lists.

Seems like the VA decision is already in place.
Of course, some do, but the powers that be...just don't!

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