13 March 2015

"Fixing the VA, A Broken System Thus Far" – comments by Secretary McDonald and Deputy Secretary Gibson

The President, Secretary McDonald and Deputy Secretary Gibson are visiting VA facilities in Phoenix, Arizona this Thursday and Friday. The Arizona Republic, which has uncovered much of the turmoil in VA this last year of scandals, raised questions of these leaders.

Arizona Republic: "You inherited a malignant VA culture with dishonesty in leadership and other problems. How can you trust your subordinates to cure themselves or be honest with you?"

Secretary McDonald: "Ask every employee to recommit themselves to our mission."

Mr. Gibson: Stressed that veterans are poorer, sicker and have more mental-health problems than most patients. "These are not patients that are going to fare well in a fragmented, private-sector care environment."

Mr. Gibson's point is quite clear...veterans need the VA. Which begs the question, why has VA blocked 100% of our eligible C-123 veterans' applications for VA medical care for four years? How can VA claim to be pro-veteran and non-adversarial when it seeks every loophole to bar our care?

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