12 March 2015

VA Claims Progress...slow but sure

Slow, but sure progress.
VA's current report shows that claims on-hand have dropped to about half of 2012 levels. Their report also shows that their "backlogged" claims...those over 150 days old...have dropped to about a third of previous levels but still represent too large a percentage of all claims...nearly half.

VA also reports the success of its Fully Developed Claim process, whereby the vet, the vet's service officer helping with the claim, and the vet's medical team submit all the documents necessary for VA to reach a conclusion. Clearly the FDC process has reduced the inventory of claims in the mill and also greatly reduced the number of backlogged claims.

But the problem: even the FDC process barely manages to process claims just before reaching the backlogged status of 150 days.
Fully Developed Claim Chart

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