09 March 2015

Disgusting VA Sarcasm, Cartoons & Jokes About Veterans' Suicide

The Indianapolis Star reported a VA clinician's sarcasm aimed at veterans' suicides. The report was repeated today in the Washington Post.

Indianapolis VA sarcasm and cartoons about veterans' suicides.

I have sought help myself and wonder if this is how I was seen. Palo Alto WIISC?

Reading stacks of VA emails and letters released under the Freedom of Information Act suggests exactly that. Big joke. They not only fight us, they laugh at us. We're funny, even with a pistol to the forehead or a noose around our neck...we're funny to them.

To the point of death, the very clinicians called on to help still mock us. The VFW has called for the manager who taunted us so to be fired, but that will change nothing of substance.

This stuff is starting to hurt beyond all endurance. What is wrong with these people?

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